February 2017

St Martin WI Talk

wi-logoI’m looking forward to speaking to the St Martin WI on Monday 13 February. I’ll be talking about my contemporary romances written as Georgina Troy and my historical romances written in my own name, Deborah Carr.

My talk begins at 8.15pm and I’m sure it’s going to be a fun evening.

BBC Radio Jersey – Chatting to Charlie McArdle

I spent a fun time chatting to Charlie McArdle on his radio show on Saturday 5 February about my life and my writing.

In the show I talk about how I work, from thinking of an idea, naming my characters, planning a book, to writing the first draft, and what happens next.

Here’s the link to the show – it’ll be live for 29 days – and I’m chatting from 2hrs 10mins in to the show.