Graveyard Photos

grave-cross-smallerYesterday, I was on my way to a meeting about a #secret writing project and behind the car park I spotted the sun on this grave in the slightly overgrown graveyard.

I knew the graveyard was there but it’s been years since I’ve visited. I locked the car and took a few photos on my mobile to capture the moment. Here’s one of them.

Have you taken a photo recently to keep for a future book, or simply because it inspires a story in you?

Graveyards can hold so many secrets and untold stories, don’t you think?

By DebsCarr

I write historical fiction as Deborah Carr and contemporary romances as Georgina Troy.

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  1. feefeebird March 5, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    Yes they do hold many secrets. Always thought that when I lived at Almorah. Used to push the eldest in his pram round the graveyard.