Blue Hyacinths

Blue Hyacinths are the perfect anti-dote to a long winter. I love the change of the seasons, or that’s what I believe until winter arrives and stays, and stays…

Finally though, spring has arrived and is showing off her floral glory everywhere you look. The cherry and apple trees in my garden are blossoming and soon the pear tree will do the same.

Yesterday, I spotted these blue/purple Hyacinths in my garden. The flowers are so heavy that they had fallen over and were lying on the grass – yes, my lawn is a little overgrown and reaches the flowerbed.

Now, they’re looking resplendent in a small jug I bought at a car boot sale several years ago and brightening up my reading corning. They’ve got pride of place on my favourite little bookcase displaying some of my orange Penguin books as their heady scent fills my living room and each time I look at them they make me smile.

By DebsCarr

I write historical fiction as Deborah Carr and contemporary romances as Georgina Troy.

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