10 Favourite Places to Read

I’m happy if I have a book to read, or my Kindle at hand. Living in Jersey where there’s so much beauty, it’s easy to find places to relax and switch off from the world by reading a good book. Here are my ten favourite places to read:

  1. St Ouen’s Bay

This is a wide expanse of golden sand with surfers making the most of the large waves and where children and dogs play and riders bring their horses for a gallop. There’s always a sheltered place to sit up against the high concrete wall running along the beach that are part of Hitler’s Atlantic wall (Atlantikwall – part of an extensive system of coastal defence built across parts of Europe in WW11).

  1. Sand Dunes

I used to ride with my sister on our ponies as children. We’d pretend to be charging in battles, but now I like to sit quietly in a dip out of the wind and read for as long as the sun shines.

  1. St Brelade Bay

This is a lively beach, always busy with families and dog walkers. This is where you can find restaurants, small cafes and buy ice creams. There’s the beautiful Norman Church, known as Fisherman’s Chapel on the right and the beautiful small Quaisne (Way-nay) bay on the left where you’ll find the Smugglers Inn pub. There’s always a café to visit where I can wile away the hours lost in a good book over a latte or two.

  1. Val de la Mare dam

My first memory of this beautiful walk is with my father and uncle when they brought me and my siblings here for a walk in the heavy snow. I remember how silent it seemed walking through tunnels of snow made from the branches of the pine trees. The tunnels could have been exaggerated by my imagination, but I’m not sure. It’s a wonderful memory though, however much of it is real. Now I enjoy coming here to walk my rescue dogs and catch up with family while enjoying the beauty around us. There are several benches that have been dedicated to passed loved ones where I can choose to sit and read, all have spectacular views.

  1. Grosnez

This is the headland where you’ll find the heart-shaped ruins of Grosnez castle. You reach this place by passing Les Landes racecourse and the view of the other smaller islands of Guernsey, Herm, Sark are lined up across the channel is one to savour, when not reading of course. It is also where the pink heather and yellow gorse are spectacular at certain times of the year.

  1. Gorey Beach

Yes, another beach. It’s difficult not to want to sit and make the most of the warm salty air on this island’s many beaches and this one is overlooked by the impressive Mont Orgueil Castle, where a close friend of mine’s wedding took place and somewhere that visitors can go to and find out more about our long history. It also has a large sloping green in front of the castle where you can sit, relax and read.

  1. My shed

This is where I write and am left in peace by my family. It’s also where I read when I’m researching historical facts, or more gruesome facts for my suspense novels. There is a very calming feel about this space, probably because it’s filled with all my favourite bookish notepads, stationery, family photos and my pink Lloyd Loom chairs.

  1. My garden

This is where I’m going to read this afternoon. It’s sunny and the family are out doing various activities, so I’m going to sit in the sun and read the thriller that I can’t put down, while the three dogs sunbathe on the patio next to me. Bliss.

  1. In the conservatory

This is where I come to on sunny but cooler days, or if it’s raining. The light is always wonderful in this room despite the weather. All I have to do is find a place where the dogs haven’t already gone to sleep.

  1. My favourite cosy chair in a corner of my living room.

This is the best time to read on rainy days or cold winter nights. Sitting down with my book, a blanket and a large hot chocolate, perfect!

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By DebsCarr

I write historical fiction as Deborah Carr and contemporary romances as Georgina Troy.

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