My Writing Tips

CfcUontWAAAHJ1NRead – a lot. Read different genres. Read to pick up how good books are structured, the flow of the story, dialogue, etc. Read books that aren’t so good so you can see why they didn’t work

Writers’ block is, as far as I’m concerned the panic I feel that the book I’m about to write won’t be nearly as good as the one I imagined. It’s the fear that stops me writing, but force myself to do it and know that I can always edit it later.

Write something, every day. Decide to write just 100 words. When I’ve no idea where I’m going with a book, I sit down, decide that I’ll write just those 100 words and usually end up writing myself out of my corner and on to 1,000 words and back into my book again. You can join groups on Facebook to help keep you motivated, where they post their word count each day, it’s a great incentive to sit down and write something yourself.

Edit, edit, edit, re-read your book and edit, then edit some more! Find a couple of beta readers, people who are either avid readers, published, but most of all who will be honest with you. Ask them to read the book and tell you what did/didn’t work for them. Anything that took them out of the book, were dull, or confusing. Then edit your manuscript again.

Enjoy writing. It can be frustrating, but it should also be something you feel compelled to do. Let’s face it, if you’re going to spend as many hours as it takes to write and polish a book then you may as well enjoy what you’re doing. Good luck.